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June 18, 2019

5 Hair Trends to Try This Summer

When it comes to summer hair trends, lighter and brighter is always in! With the change of seasons lighter hues replace darker winter shades along with edgier cuts, warm highlights and fun fashion shades are sure to turn heads this summer. Below we have highlighted 5 of our favorite sultry summer hair trends to try this season.

  1. To Be Blunt

The blunt jawline bob is the ultimate it-girl fashion statement and the cut is only getting shorter in 2019. Just an inch or two below your ears, the straight bob will be in line with your jawline, shorter in back and longer in front. This modern bob can be elevated and styled according to your mood: add waves for volume, add texture spray for definition and for a sexier finish go choppy on the ends.

  1. Baby Lights:

If you want change but don’t want change, we got you! Babylights are the ultimate low maintenance go to. These thin, strategically placed highlights are just a few shades from your natural color and add subtle sun-kissed dimension.

  1. Playful Pink:

We are obsessing over the latest bright pink hair color trend. Pink is always in … Celebrities, models, and it-girls are also embracing the summer trend. It’s all about adding vibrant rosy hues into blonde hair for a romantic and playful summer style.

  1. Luscious Layers

Not sure if you want to go short but also don’t want to keep it long? Then the mid-length lob is perfect! This cut falls between short and long while staying on trend. The cut utilizes seamless layers to create a more structured and less textured look. Fine hair can achieve this look by adding subtle layers to help maintain the strong shape.

  1. Casual Carmel:

If you want to shake-up boring brunette without going bleach blonde, we recommend adding some subtle highlights. These subtle highlights will add depth and minimize upkeep. An oversized hat or seasonal scarf can be worn over roots while on holiday!

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