One ray of sunshine at a time

Help us make a change

Be part of the chain reaction.

The sun’s enormous energy is generated in its core and then propelled outward by radiation. This intense energy then travels outward in every direction, touching us, while providing rays of light and an abundance of life to our mother Earth.

At Under The Sun® we believe in chain reactions; that individuals making small, positive differences can result in huge impacts. When we link together we can accomplish greatness, and with your help, we can change the world.

Teaming up to make a difference.

At Under The Sun® we partner with select charities in our community to support causes that we can all believe in.

Each of our affiliated charities represents the core values that we strive to promote as a company. We’re proud to be associated with these organizations.

Better Together

Affiliated Charities

Good hair is good karma

You can help! Whenever you shop with us we give a portion to our affiliated charities.

At Under The Sun®, contributing to the community and effortless hair care go hand-in-hand. A portion of the proceeds made from every purchase goes directly to charity, meaning you can protect your luscious locks and feel good while doing it.

When you make Under The Sun® part of your routine, you actively contribute to the success of life changing organizations like Education Rocks and Women of Tomorrow. Thanks for joining us in our mission to spread love and warmth to the world!

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