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July 24, 2017

Protect Your Locks from Sweat & Salt

While you’re getting stronger, make sure your hair isn’t getting weaker. Protect your locks from sweat and salt when you work out to keep your hair in its best shape.

Sweat is made up of water, salts, and proteins that cling to your hair. Breaking a sweat during an exercise sesh can cause your hair to get wet, which leaves your locks prone to stretching and damage. The salts in sweat can also cause issues such as dryness and breakage, preventing your hair’s growth and changing your texture. When you work out, you’re obviously going to break a sweat—but you shouldn’t let that stop you from hitting the gym. So, what can be done to combat hair damage while keeping your body strong?


Preparing Your Hair

Before your work out there are some preventative measures you should take. To prep for your workout use Under the Sun’s Leave-In Styling Conditioner. The combination of botanical extracts in our formula will work to moisturize your hair while creating a barrier from the sweat. When you put your hair up, don’t wear your ponytail super tight as this can cause more breakage. Instead, try doing a loose braid to keep your locks out of your face. Additionally, wearing a soft cotton headband will help to absorb sweat and keep it away from your hair.


Post Workout Regiment

It’s important to clean your hair immediately after your workout to avoid build-up and damage. Wash your hair with Under The Sun’s Shampoo Treatment, massaging thoroughly into scalp. Work lather through to ends and rinse well with cold water. Follow up with our Conditioning Treatment. These products are both designed to be lightweight so you don’t have to worry about stripping your hair from essential oils.