Conditioning Treatment 32oz


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We formulated Let’s Get Deep Conditioning Treatment to infuse your hair with powerful botanical extracts and antioxidants. Revitalize and repair your hair’s luster while helping it withstand the effects of nature’s harshest elements: The sun, salt, heat, and humidity.

Everyone deserves to find their soul mate, even shampoo. So, we’ve created this extraordinary Conditioning Treatment. Meet the proverbial yin to our sulfate-free wonder Shampoo Treatment’s sassy little yang.

Together these star-crossed marvels make the perfect pair. Providing essential moisture, protein, and antioxidants Let’s Get Deep Conditioning Treatment keeps your locks shiny and safe from the elements. You see, the moral of this ultra-short fairy tale is pretty simple: Under the Sun® Shampoo and Conditioning Treatments are exactly how you should start your love affair with nature. Oh, and once again—you’re welcome.

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